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Esber Cash Register

Cafeteria point of sale and much much more.


Esber Cash Register, located in Canton, Ohio and serving all of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, has been in business since 1986. Esber Cash Register stands strongly on the principle of providing products that facilitate the needs and demands of our customers. The Esber Cash Register team has a combined over 80 years of experience, and takes an abundant amount of pride in providing our customers service and support that is second to none!

ECR PartnershipsEsber Cash Register is pleased to announce that OSBA, Ohio Association of School Business Officials and the Buckeye Association of School Business Officials have endorsed the PayForIt online payment software. PayForIt, provides an excellent and cost-effective method for schools to host an online payment program. PayForIt is an enterprise solution supporting food service, fees, activities, fundraisers, after school programs and registrations associated with school activities.

Esber Cash Register
Providing Point-of-Sale Solutions

4376 Kirby Ave NE
Canton, OH 44705
Fax#: 330-455-9009
Conveniently located in Canton, OHIO


Esber Cash Register

Conveniently located in Canton, OHIO

QuikLunch is web-based,installs in minutes for quick terminal swaps, centralized reporting & management, extensive report suite that accounts for all state & federal requirements, runs connected or disconnected from the network…and much

PayForIt can be anywhere you are. It’s accessible from any computer…and if you’re on the go, the PayForIt Mobile app is available for Android through the Google Play Store, and for iOS through the App Store.…and much

Face-to-face, in-school fee payment.With PayAt School System (PASS), your district has the ability to look up student information, read necessary notes, view required fees, and process payments…and much more

QuikApps Meal application processing. Online With complex and ever-changing USDA rules and regulations, it’s important to have a free/reduced application…and much more

What makes ECR Different?

Not Connected to the Internet? No Problem

Whether you are connected to the internet or not, QuikLunch fully functions and captures all data and transactions recorded while on and offline.

QuikLunch will run whether or not you have a connection to the internet. This allows your cafeteria staff to continue processing meal payments even in the event of a connectivity loss. Meal payments will update automatically once connectivity is restored.

Centralized Data Base / SDMS

Our centralized data management system is a browser-based system responsible for management of student data across the multitude of systems used throughout school systems.

The power of QuikLunch lies in it centrally managed database, Student Data Management System (SDMS). This not only allows students to use their balance at any school within one district, but it also provides centralized reporting and control. This makes voiding and transactions much easier. Districts now have the ability to void sales in SDMS without having to connect to the affected school’s terminal. Since all data lives in one centralized spot, this makes reporting, updates and changes needing to be made to the system simple. When a student’s meal status changes in SDMS, it flows down to QuikLunch within minutes. No more waiting hours for it to reach the school. QuikLunch reporting can be run in a variety of different forms, from any school or building in your district. It also enables multiple menu types and arrangements, allowing for easy categorization of items and meal periods. We offer the ability to run more than one terminal configuration.Esber Script Name

Speed up your cafeteria lines



QuikLunch allows for a variety of different entry methods. Whether it be student by student or in bulk or classroom sales, you can choose the method of entry that works best for your school. QuikLunch also enables multiple menu types and arrangements, allowing for easy categorization of items and meal periods. We offer the ability to run more than one terminal configuration.


User Interface

QLActuinsPic2-1024x501QuikLunch uses an intuitive menu and student-profile interface that can be operated by pointing and clicking, or by touch. The service screen optimizes the screen space, allowing cashiers to see a student’s balance, any free or reduced meal classification, and any special dietary or nutritional needs at a glance.

Hardware and Install

Great news. Installing QuikLunch can be done installed in less than 10 minutes once a computer is in place, so you can be running in no time. Because QuikLunch transmits transactions to their sister terminals and to SDMS, the likelihood that a district loses transactions is lessened considerably.


QuikLunch is compatible with Windows tablets.

QuikLunch can also run on a Windows tablet or computer with the following specifications.   


Download Informational PDFs








QuikLunch seamlessly interfaces with and QuikApps (allowing automatic updates of student balance availability and records, free/reduced meal eligibility, special dietary or nutritional needs, and more), or with your own student-information system.




  • web-based
  • installs in minutes for quick terminal swaps
  • centralized reporting & management
  • extensive report suite that accounts for all state & federal requirements
  • runs connected or disconnected from the network
  • meals in the classroom
  • sell meals by homeroom or in bulk mode
  • runs on a Windows tablet

Benefits of QuikLunch at Glance.

* Runs both CONNECTED and DISCONNECTED to the network.

* Compatible with PIN Pads, Biometrics, & Card Readers.

* Integrates with other district software such as Online Payment & Accounting Applications.

* 100% Centrally Managed (Database & Reporting).

* All Required State Reports are contained within this solution.

* Meal Counting and Claiming.

Let us know how we can help you streamline the process and use the electronic tools available to you from PaySchools.  We can show you how to increase efficiency, accuracy and communication with your cashiers, students, teachers, administrators and parents.
Give us a call (855) 210-8232 opt. 4 or email us at