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PaySchools Store

Online School Store POS & Inventory Software.

Collect payments at school with confidence and assurance.

PaySchools Store is our school store solution for districts who want to open a school store, or make their existing options easier.  It will give you the strength and flexibility to sell and manage your inventory from one central location.

Your school store can be online or on-campus or both.  Giving you the flexibility to carry inventory, per-order merchandise from transactions, sell online and on-campus from a single inventory and more.

Key Features:

  • A place where parents can buy spirit wear, keepsakes, electronic/downloadable goods, and more
  • An online store solution that provides the ability to offer a wide variety of items.
  • Track purchase history and purchasing trends
  • Comprehensive reporting interface allows for individual order detail and specific filtering capability
  • Parents can browse and select an item based on many different variables (like size and color, for spirit wear)
  • Simple account setup,Create and assign fees to a single student or groups of students
  • Discount or price fees based on meal status.
  • Import fees from your Student Information System.
  • Apply payments to specific fees or divide payment amount among many fees.
  • Fees and payments are updated at PayForIt automatically.
  • Receipts can be printed on your PC printer or a receipt printer.

Detailed PaySchool Store reports are readily available whenever your staff needs them, and they are accessible from the same secure website used to run store itself.

Learn more about our
PaySchools Store:

Give your parents more options to purchase merchandise.

Need to supply a large selection of size, color, and logo choices for spirit wear? With PaySchools Store, you can not only let customers select all of these options from a single screen, but you can supply different photos with each choice to allow them to see what their choice looks like ahead of time. Is your school going paperless with textbooks? PaySchools Store lets you set up and sell downloadable items with minimal effort. You can set items to be available for a certain period of time, or you can list an item as a discount or special item. DBSCart also provides an easy point system and coupon system, so you can let your customers build up rewards or use limited-time offers on products you want them to know about. With PaySchools Store, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Ready to get started with PaySchools Store?

Features and Benefits

Single Inventory

Manage your inventory from anywhere for both your online store and your physical student store. The inventory numbers represent both what has been sold in the school store, as well as online..

Customize displays

Use school colors, mascots, images, logos to customize both the online store and the point-of-sale.

Grow as your student store grows

PaySchools Store is designed so that when you need to expand your product offering or business practices it is already able to accommodate your needs.

Why Choose PaySchools Store?


Comprehensive reporting package you can use to keep track of your vendors, inventory, sales and customers. Use multiple tax rates and configure custom tax codes to accommodate all the government entities requirements. When you have a price change from a vendor, need to charge more for larger sizes or must price differently for any additional attribute you can. Use your own terminology for the properties of your products so parents and community members can easily identify what they want to purchase.
Use categories to help your customers search your online store to find that you must offer as well as any specials, discounts and clearance items. Create different options for products that you want to ship using different carriers by product. Because of the robust features of the product you can use or not use these features as you need them. It is designed so that when you need to expand your product offering or business practices it is already able to accommodate your needs.


No need for a mouse or any other peripheral components. Takes up a smaller footprint on your counter.
Keep track of your inventory by specific option combinations. Print a report to see sales history, products requiring reordering, or a report to assist in manual counts of inventory. Search by product type, model #, barcode/upc number and then add it to a sale. Increases the accuracy of your transactions and inventory. Handle any situation at the terminal during the time of transaction. Override item price (ie. apply discount). Accommodate the needs of your customers who want to use multiple payment options. Complete credit card transactions if one does not work the way our want.
Review transactions to keep track of your history and create end of day deposits. Ease of use to enter the item in the system to complete transactions more quickly.

Ready to get started with PaySchools Store?