Stay ahead of the data management curve with our easy online forms management solution.

Forms by PaySchools empowers your district with a simple step-by-step process to easily create forms, gather, manage, and report accurate student data. You will be equipped with an intuitive online form creation process that allows you to create online forms that are easy for parents to access and complete. Forms by PaySchools helps you eliminate countless documents, paperwork and files that are out of date almost as soon as they are completed – online student data collected through Forms by PaySchools is accurate, secure, and easily accessible by parents or staff anywhere in your district, at any time.

Forms by PaySchools simplifies the form creation process.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, step-by-step process allows you to create forms, assign fees, add disclosures, add visibility criteria, and assign roles
  • Preview function provides visibility of the completed form during the creation process
  • Versatile platform allows you to collect up-to-date parent and student information, emergency contact information, permissions settings, enrollment, class registration, and more!

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Our Forms Solution.

Our Forms platform helps you to prepare your forms quickly and start sharing them immediately. Forms by PaySchools collects and organizes all your student data online in a secure and customizable cloud environment. Let us help you create the forms you need, and manage your data so you can avoid dealing with paperwork.

Our Forms solution enables you to:

  • Help parents fill out forms quickly and accurately: auto completion feature pre-populates forms for parents with stored student data
  • Collect and manage data online: parents and staff can access the site anywhere, at any time
  • Collect electronic signatures: parents can initial once for multiple forms, as well as add a time-stamp so schools can see when it was signed
  • Obtain multiple signatures: parents can easily grant access to multiple users to sign disclosures, including doctors, spouses, coaches, students, and relatives
  • Activate disclosure sign off: schools determine which parents should see which disclosures and will email the disclosure copy to the parents. Parents cannot submit forms without acknowledging disclosures.

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The Benefits of Using Forms by PaySchools

Increased Productivity

  • Administrator dashboard display shows form completion and fee payment status so the school can download all forms and uploaded documentation.
  • Enhanced auto population pre-populates answers to save parents’ time, increase accuracy, and reduce redundant data entry.
  • Multiple signature option makes it easy for parents to share the form with others, including their spouse, doctor, or coach to get all signatures needed quickly.
  • Updated form editor and printing feature improves the appearance of printed sub-forms. This also allows state-based forms to be created online, but look similar to the paper version of the form when printed.

Increased Security

  • Online cloud-based system means the collected data and forms are managed offsite and can be easily updated, while providing a more secure method for storing sensitive student information.
  • Individual user roles/permissions by job title grants administrator permissions to view certain information within the Forms by PaySchools product, ensuring that individual users see only the data they need.

Improved Communication

  • Emails signed forms to parents automatically so parents receive an electronic copy of all forms they complete.
  • Assigns fees upon form submission so the system can assign specific fees to users, freeing up time for schools and parents.
  • Supporting documentation uploads and online storage reduces the amount of time spent tracking down documents, and eliminates the need for extensive printing, copies, and paper file storage.

Why Choose PaySchools Forms?

Key Capabilities

Forms by PaySchools makes it easy to create customizable, versatile forms to suit your district’s needs. By collecting information in a secure, online environment, data entry errors and time spent deciphering messy handwriting will be a thing of the past. Online forms and data collection can save your district time and money by cutting down on administrative and printing costs.

The simple-to-use online platform also means you’ll receive more completed forms from parents – instead of having them end up crumpled in the bottom of a backpack.

Easy to Use

Questions and answers can be downloaded so you can search and report on specific questions – faster and more accurately than searching through paper records. Data is organized online to save money on printing.

Our solution for form creation helps you to prepare your forms quickly and start sharing them immediately. Allow us to manage your forms so you can avoid dealing with paperwork – Forms by PaySchools collects and organizes all your student data online in a secure and customizable environment.

Customer Testimonials

“After careful evaluation and meeting with our team, we determined that PaySchools could provide all of the services we needed.  They shared our vision that our student information system would remain the central part of our operations and that their products would integrate and exchange data between PaySchools and the student information system.  When parents were going into their system to make payments or complete forms, they would be given opportunities to update their contact information if anything had changed.  These changes would be noted in a report for the District to review and pushed on to the student information system.”
Rodger, Assistant Treasurer/EMIS Coordinator

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