Fast and simple point-of-sale solution for cafeterias

Streamline lunch payments with a seamless point-of-sale application.

QuikLunch enables schools to quickly and easily accept lunch payments with an integrated, stable platform. With QuikLunch, you get a simplified payment process at every cafeteria in your district.

QuikLunch enables you to:

  • Process lunch payments quickly
  • Integrate with SIS and other district software
  • Use the power of a web-based platform, cloud computing and centralized management of your district’s point-of-sale
  • Access an intuitive menu and student-profile interface that can be operated with point and click or touchscreens
  • See a student’s balance, any free or reduced meal classification and any special dietary or nutritional needs at a glance

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With an intuitive menu and student-profile interface that can be operated by pointing and clicking, or by touch, cashiers can quickly and easily access a student’s information at a glance. The database and reporting are 100 percent centrally managed, so students can use their balances at any school in your district. Also, all state reports are contained in the system.


QuikLunch can run online or offline in the event of connectivity loss and meal payments are automatically updated for you when connectivity is restored. The system is compatible with PIN pads, biometrics, and card readers, and integrates with other district software.

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Features and Benefits

Works Offline

If your internet service or wifi is interrupted for any reason, you can still serve lunch. Your system allows you to serve online and offline seamlessly.

Centrally Managed

Menus, pricing, and several other features of QuikLunch are managed centrally so you do not have to log on to every terminal for a simple update.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed QuikLunch reports are readily available whenever you or your staff need them, and they are specifically designed to meet state and USDA reporting requirements.

Why Choose QuikLunch?


By seamlessly interfacing with PayforIt.net and QuikApps, QuikLunch allows automatic updates of student balance availability and records, free or reduced meal eligibility, special dietary or nutritional needs, or changes to your own student information system. The extensive reporting suite also accounts for all state and federal requirements.


Speed up your lunch line by running fast transactions thanks to customizable button menus and a “meal” button that allows cashiers to process a complete meal with one click. This means greater efficiency and shorter lines. The system is designed to be easy to learn and simple to use so your cashiers will be confident using QuikLunch as soon as it is implemented.

Customer Testimonials

PaySchools’ products have been a fixture in our district for the past 15 years. In that time, we have appreciated the fact that they’re customer service driven. They show that through observing and listening to their customers’ needs, and then following through in their product innovation. – Tony, Nutrition Services Director

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