Easily assign, collect, manage, and track school payments online.

Simplify payment, collection, and balancing of funds and fees within school districts.

PayForIt (PFI) is a secure, web-based solution that lets schools and school districts easily manage funds and fee collection online for food services, activities, fundraisers, after school programs, registrations, and more. With PayForIt, you can become a cashless school.

PayForIt is used to:

  • Manage online lunch accounts
  • Assign specific fees to students for more accurate collection and less confusion
  • Collect fees for field trips, sports, clubs, test registration, after school programs, and more
  • Give parents and guardians multiple payment options to increase your chance of collecting funds
  • Easily track student payment status across departments
  • Accurately report on fee collection

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The PayForIt Online Payment System Benefits Parents.

PayForIt also makes it easier for parents to track, manage, and pay school fees. They can clearly see which fees are due for each student and keep school lunch accounts loaded with funds so there’s no more forgotten lunch money or missed activity payments.

PayForIt allows parents to:

  • Pay for school lunch and activity fees quickly, easily, and securely online
  • Easily check their child’s account balance online
  • Manage multiple student accounts from a single portal – even if those students attend different schools
  • Receive email notifications of low balances
  • Make partial fee payments
  • Set accounts to automatically replenish as needed
  • Review a student’s purchase history for the past 30 days
  • Easily manage school payment accounts from desktop or mobile

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Features and Benefits

Streamlined Payment Management

Mitigate confusion by ensuring parents only see the fees that apply to their students. Assign general ledger codes to each fee to help manage district-wide collections more accurately.


PayForIt is PCI compliant. All personal data and credit card and payment information is encrypted and stored in a secure location.


PayForIt makes it easier and more convenient for parents to manage and monitor school payments, meaning schools are more likely to collect funds due and will spend less time chasing delinquent accounts.

Why Choose PayForIt?


PayForIt gives schools and districts the power to streamline a common education pain point – fee collection. When you implement PFI, schools can get away from messy in-school cash and check handling and easily assign, track, and manage payments online for a variety of needs and sources.


The PayForIt parent portal can be accessed via desktop, or on mobile apps for iOS and Android. This means parents can check accounts, add funds, and pay fees anytime, from anywhere.

Customer Testimonials

“The staff at PaySchools has been great to work with and they are willing to assist in any way possible. We are confident that they will continue to meet the needs of the school district and our families in the future years.”
Janet Grafft, Board Secretary

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