Cafeteria Hardware

Your single-source Nutrition Services solution

When it comes to your school’s Nutrition Services Department, cafeteria payment collection is no small task. It takes several hardware components and software modules working together to get the job done efficiently and accurately. For this reason, PaySchools developed a single-source solution to seamlessly handle all your school’s hardware and software needs.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the best hardware options on the market at an affordable price. PaySchools provides a variety of payment and rental options.

Why Should I Buy My Hardware from PaySchools?

We realize you have a variety of options when it comes to purchasing hardware for your Nutrition Services Department. Here’s why PaySchools is the smart solution for your school or district:

  • Single Point of Contact – We make it simple to keep your system running smoothly, and providing total support for both hardware and software with one dedicated point of contact.
  • Less Down Time – At PaySchools we understand time is money. This is why we offer full warranties on all hardware purchases. This includes terminals and peripheral devices.
  • Compatibility – Purchasing hardware is an expensive and complex process. We take the guesswork out of the purchase and provide the highest-quality hardware at an affordable price. A hardware purchase from PaySchools provides you with a smooth and seamless transition.

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PaySchools Hardware Rental Program

We understand that purchasing hardware is a costly endeavor for any school district. This is why we designed a hardware rental program. This program provides our customers with an affordable way to access the most up-to-date hardware and hardware support, meaning less maintenance for your districts staff.

Why should I rent?

  • Ease of use – PaySchools offers rental options for: terminals and all peripheral devices associated with a comprehensive nutrition services set-up. This gives your school the ability to use up-to-date without the hassle and expense of purchasing it yourself.
  • Support – PaySchools fully supports all rental hardware and makes sure your hardware and software are running smoothly.
  • Low payments – Purchasing hardware is expensive. Renting from PaySchools gives your district the ability to have up-to-date hardware at a low digestible monthly or quarterly payment.
  • No Long-Term Contract Necessary – You can start your rental agreement with PaySchools today, and there are no strings attached!

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