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Ticketing and Event Registration

School events have innate challenges associated with them. Who is collecting the payments? How are those funds managed? Where do the tickets come from? How are the tickets created, tracked and reconciled? How do parents know what event their students can attend? How do you make sure everyone attending the event knows the code of conduct? These are just a few of the things to consider when managing event registration.

PaySchools offers online ticketing, sales and event registration solutions for schools, that can be easily customized and ready to publish quickly.  Replace paper forms, and sending in cash or checks with students.  With our help, you will be to offer reserved and general admission ticketed events to students and the community, and scan tickets and track attendance without the use of additional equipment.

Local Level Events

Local Level Events, the one-stop solution for online ticketing, sales and event registration, made to meet the needs of schools. We strive to make the event ticketing process easier for all our schools, and keep productivity and accountability top of mind when developing our software. Districts are raving about how Local Level Events has simplified the cash collection process in the student activities world.

Local Level has been a great partner in helping us streamline the collection of information and on-line payments for challenging extracurricular activities. This partnership has led to additional protection of district staff and financial assets, while also focusing on increased convenience for our parents and students. This partnership has been a win – win for our district. – Andrew G. Treasurer/CFO

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