About PaySchools


PaySchools is a software development company specializing in integrated payment technology solutions for public and private schools across the US. Our product solutions are used by over 8,000 schools, in 43 states, and we service over six million students. Schools use our software to help streamline many manual processes to save time and money for their district and staff, while providing convenient payment tools for parents and the community.

Our Company

software solutions for schoolsPayments processing is a standard—yet vital—function to all organizations. And it sits at the very heart of many businesses’ operations, serving as a critical transaction that must be executed accurately and efficiently. As technology experts, we dig deep into our clients’ businesses to determine the most effective process management solutions. And by doing so, we often develop other related solutions, from appointment scheduling, time and attendance, application processing to forms management. We’ve developed a variety of technology-based solutions based on a deep understanding of our clients’ industries and operations.

Founded in 2012, we’ve enjoyed strategic growth through the acquisition of PaySchools, RentShare, Trust One Payment Services, US Data Capture and Advanced Payment Solutions. Our team of technology strategists, software developers and merchant service providers creates and delivers smart, simple solutions.  i3 Verticals has quickly grown into a technology-driven solutions provider for a wide range of industries—from education to utilities to property management. We are next generation business solution providers.  We are a dedicated, solutions-oriented team made up of product development engineers, sales consultants and operations experts, each dedicated to creating unique solutions that solve problems for our clients.

Based in Nashville, TN, i3 Verticals, LLC is a technology and integrated payments provider for a range of industry verticals throughout the United States. i3 Verticals intends to make additional acquisitions and become a leader in distinct, growing verticals by helping customers improve their operating efficiencies, enhance revenues and streamline their payment processing functions.

Our Experience

PaySchools is experienced in supporting school districts of varying sizes, from a single building K-12, to a district with over 100 sites, each having varying scope and requirements. PaySchools prides itself on its intense customer focus which breeds exceptional service results and a partnership between the school districts and our company. Our product offerings cover: point of sale system for student meal services; central reporting for district food service operations; the ability to interface with school information systems; an online payment product; fee activity management; transportation; the ability to process free and reduced meals, including scanning; a time clock product; and a full featured inventory product.

As your business partner, we only succeed if you do.

We pride ourselves on being able to integrate with any software program or interface at your district. To do this, we perform comprehensive installations with full testing to ensure smooth startup and operation. The team that installs and tests your new PaySchools setup is the same team you’ll receive support from. We invest heavily in service and support resources, and you can look forward to an exemplary experience from installation forward.

Strategic Alliance Partner Program

We have found great success with complementary organizations, associations and software providers where we have mutual customers.  Our objective with the Strategic Alliance Partner Program is to add to the value of those relationships and provide/make available more services for schools. In the current school market, schools are over taxed with managing several different and disjointed software companies. Through our partnership program you will be able to present yourself to your new and existing customers as a complete solution.  A one stop vendor who has a deep working relationship with other complementary software solutions.  Adding value to your services as well as helping schools to do what they do best cultivating young minds. Please let us know if you are interested in talking with us about becoming a partner.

School System Software

Every school district has a unique circumstance and a unique need, and nowhere is this more evident than when you look at district size. A school district can have a single building or two dozen of them, and both cases would necessitate a school system software solution; in the district with two dozen buildings, a school system software would be critical to success in a communication-heavy technological age. The key here is inter-connectivity; a successful and future-proof system for any industry must be able to communicate and work with another solution indiscriminately. Schools are no different in terms of the imperative, and the need varies only in the specifics of each K-12 solution. This is manifested with the entire PaySchools product lineup, and inter-connectivity between solutions is part of our ethic. Two particular instances of inter-connectivity can be found with the pairing of PayForIt.net, our online-payment solution, and PASS (the Pay at School System). One of these is geared toward addressing the market need for payments to be made anytime, anywhere. The other is set up to accept payments in person, with the parent or customer interacting directly with the district administrator. Both of these solutions work on an isolated basis, but they were designed from the ground up to facilitate and complement each other. The two individual solutions form a school system software that addresses payment need on a comprehensive basis.

shutterstock_2014080402We find a similar scenario with two solutions that explicitly work with food-service: QuikLunch, our point-of-sale food service solution, and QuikApps, our free/reduced meal application transfer tool. While both of these still operate as independent entities, the benefits of a seamless connection between them are even more readily apparent: the free/reduced application process is complex, but it’s also critical that free/reduced classifications are applied outside of the actual process of obtaining the status. Assuming that the two solutions are working together, free/reduced status would be displayed on a student-by-student basis at the right time and to the right individuals within the cafeteria. Again, we have an example of two solutions becoming greater than the sum of their parts, and working together as a system. These are just a few examples of the ways that a school or school district benefits more in the short-term and the long-term from having dedicated school system software in place, as opposed to a single solution or a stopgap measure. This is also the reason why PaySchools pursues inter-connectivity and a comprehensive approach as part of our core business model.

Software Solutions For Schools

Schools in the United States once employed a device called the abacus. This was a sliding scale, and its primary purpose was to teach arithmetic skills to preschool and elementary-school students. It was accurate, reliable, and easy to understand and use…but the abacus isn’t a common tool anymore, and there are students finishing their K-12 education having never seen one before. The abacus has been supplanted by the pocket calculator, the desktop, the laptop, and the smartphone. This is one of the effects that progress has: we invent more and more powerful and capable means of achieving our goals, but those inventions also mean we need to play an endless game of catch-up. The advent of software solutions for schools and school districts is part of this pursuit. Schools offer (or plan to offer) an ever-expanding array of goods and services to their students and parents; processing, handling, and providing those goods and services require more and more sophisticated solutions.

This is where software as a school solution comes in. We are now able to track enrollment and academic progress with databases and easy-to-use school management software interfaces; we can collect funds for spirit wear and donations through online storefronts and point-of-sale applications; we can monitor and update crucial student and parent information with a few keystrokes and make that information available to anyone who needs to see it. All of this rests upon the reality that a comprehensive learning experience isn’t based off of pencil and paper alone anymore; the ability to learn and practice any subject to a person’s fullest potential depends now on their ability to access as many tools as possible.

The same is true for the district’s experience; the optimal methods for structuring and operating a school district’s administrative structure and business model demand exploitation of every available asset. Software solutions provide a particularly valuable asset. PaySchools is invested in bridging a school’s existing need with their future needs, and arriving at a solution that addresses both with school management software. This will involve utilizing those tools of the past that still provide the power and flexibility that today’s students require, while putting outdated tools to rest and creating new ones where there’s the right opportunity.

PaySchools has been working with schools for over 18 years.  We started helping Child Nutrition Services automate their cafeteria checkouts with a computer terminal point of sale system.  From working with schools for this long we were asked to give them an online payment system so they could eliminate cash and checks from the cafeteria check out lines.  We have over the years taken our relationship with school officials very seriously as well as their pain and have created several software solutions to assist them in managing, collecting and reporting on school lunch funds.

Let us know how we can help you streamline the process and use the electronic tools available to you from PaySchools.  We can show you how to increase efficiency, accuracy and communication with your cashiers, students, teachers, administrators and parents.  Give us a call (855) 210-8232 opt. 4 or email us at [email protected]