You nourish students so they can learn and grow.

It may sound simple, but we understand that the reality of running school cafeterias is anything but.

We’re here to help. PaySchools’ nutrition software and hardware solutions stand behind you to make your job a little easier.

Streamline payments, online and in the lunch line

Simplifying lunch money with PaySchools cloud-based software is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Families load funds using PaySchools Central or your existing student information system.

In the lunch line, cashiers can also accept payments plus check in prepaid students with PaySchools QuikLunch.

Administrators run reports with PaySchools Admin.

PaySchools QuikLunch: built for speed

With PaySchools QuikLunch point-of-sale software running on your cafeterias’ terminals, cashiers keep the lunch line humming.

  • Intuitive, customizable menus and student-profile pages can be operated with mouse, trackpad, or touch.
  • “Meal” button processes a complete meal with a single click.
  • Finds students by roster, grade, or classroom.
  • Digitally integrates with scales for weight-based items such as salads.
  • Pop-up alerts signal dietary and parental restrictions.
  • Automatically switches between meal period and menus by time of day.
  • Operates online and offline.
  • Prints receipts when needed.
  • Easy to learn and launch.
  • And behind the scenes, QuikLunch’s robust database and reporting capabilities simplify administrative tasks.

Add hardware for a turnkey system

PaySchools software runs on a variety of Windows OS devices, but if you’re looking for a complete setup, we’ve got you covered.

We can take the compatibility guesswork out of hardware selection by providing a high-quality system customized to your schools’ needs, soup to nuts, at an affordable price.

We’ll set everything, including software installation and interface customization.

We also warranty all hardware, including terminals and peripheral devices such as fingerprint readers, receipt printers, pinpads, and more.

Your hardware or ours—whichever you choose, we’ll get you up and running.

Integrate free-and-reduced meal applications

PaySchools QuikApps adds free-and-reduced meal applications processing and status integration.

  • Easy to use, step-by-step application.
  • USDA compliant.
  • Parents can apply and digitally sign online, or staff can enter or scan paper applications.
  • Handles single- and multi-family applications.
  • Automatic status determination and communication when application is submitted.
  • Automatically integrates with QuikLunch and existing student information systems, providing cashiers and administrators with encoded, confidential payment information for eligible students.

Deploy smart vending

PaySchools offers vending machines that integrate with our lunch-account software and stock meals you prepare.

•  Sell fresh meals and snacks all day, servings students and staff when convenient for them.
•  Students pay with PaySchools QuikLunch pin numbers, finger scans, or cards.
•  Machines also accept cash.
•  Vending item costs automatically adjust based on student free-and-reduced meal status.
•  Ease lunch-line congestion.
•  Much better ROI compared to other vending systems.

Make reporting compliant and stress-free

PaySchools QuikLunch and QuikApps aren’t just efficient processing tools—they work together as a robust system for gathering, analyzing, and reporting data.

All required state and federal reports are set up in the system, as well as daily sales reports and individual transaction breakdowns. Our reports adhere to the latest USDA guidelines and regulations.

Run reports for meal-planning and finance use internally. The centralized, cloud-based database is accessible from any facility locations you choose.

QuickApps centralizes free-and-reduced application processing, giving you quick and easy direct certification uploads, edits, and benefits extension to defined families. Flag “verify for cause” prior to verification sample selection, and track appeals, log verification events, and view verification statistics.

Personalized support, at your service

Every PaySchools district is assigned to a support team member who is available to help them set up and manage their nutrition services software and hardware.

That’s right. Actual, personal, human, one-on-one support.

That’s a rarity in today’s apps and big-software world, but it’s how we at PaySchools still do things. Person-to-person. One event at a time.

Affordable, risk-free pricing

PaySchools QuikLunch and QuikApps are cloud-based platforms your schools can license with no long-term commitment.

Not only are they affordable, they’re so efficient they more than earn their keep in staff time saved.

And they’re so easy to launch. Click to find out how PaySchools nutrition services platform can help make your cafeterias hum.