Now English-Spanish bilingual!

You feed America’s children. What an honorable—and complicated!—job.

As you know, one of the complexities is managing your district’s free-and-reduced meal application process. Nationally, more than 30 million kids participate in the USDA’s National School Lunch Program.

PaySchools has been a K-12 software partner for more than 20 years. Years ago, our districts asked for software to handle the free-and-reduced meal application process, and we listened.

We invite you to learn more about PaySchools QuikApps, then reach out to our team. We’d be honored to help make your job feeding America’s children a little easier.

How QuikApps works

Your district has many schools, and every school serves many families.

So how do you efficiently collect and manage all those free-and-reduced meal applications?

1. With PaySchools’ cloud-based software, parents enter and manage applications from the convenience of home or any device.

2. School administrators with log-in credentials can view applications, help parents troubleshoot, and create reports at the school or district level. They can also scan paper applications into the system.

3. PaySchools QuikApps not only complies with USDA guidelines, it meets the agency’s best practices. When an application is submitted, the software returns a status determination immediately.

4. Eligibility automatically syncs with PaySchools QuikLunch meal-payment software or any cafeteria POS system as well as your current student information system.

A powerful tool for administrators

PaySchools QuikApps isn’t just a paperwork pusher—it’s a powerful management tool.

First, the platform gives you quick and easy direct certification uploads, edits, and benefits extension to defined families.

Second, administrators can flag “verify for cause” prior to verification sample selection, and automated verification of sample size and applications selection makes management simple.

Third, whenever and wherever they’re needed, the cloud-based software generates detailed reports for any administrator with log-in credentials. Designate one centralized district user to monitor the system, or distribute the task among multiple staffers and locations. It’s up to you.

File required reports, track appeals, log verification events, view verification statistics, and much more with the touch of a button.

And finally, because PaySchools QuikApps integrates with your cafeteria software and current student information system, all the data is synced and accessible right where you need it.

A simple process for parents

Parents tell us that PaySchools QuikApps makes their lives easier, too.

The English-Spanish bilingual online application is quick and easy. Many fields auto-populate with data from your student information system.

Parents can complete one application for as many children as they have in your district.

All data (as well as meal status) is encrypted, safeguarding sensitive financial information.

Parents sign the application electronically, and when they push Submit, they receive eligibility determination immediately.

Integration? Plug and play

PaySchools QuikApps plays nicely with not only the other software and hardware products in the PaySchools nutrition services family, but also with your existing student information system.

All the data syncs, and all the software interfaces reflect the same information.

Each student’s free-and-reduced status is coded for confidentiality, but any credentialed administrator can access the determination. This is often useful for other departments and programs.

All backed by PaySchools’ legendary support

PaySchools runs a US-located support center that is second to none.

We answer the phone, and we get back to customers quickly.

We personally help the districts who use our software.

That’s a rarity in today’s apps and big-software world, but it’s how we at PaySchools still do things. Person-to-person. One district at a time.