English-Spanish bilingual!

PaySchools Central is just what its name implies—a central hub for all parent payment activities.

To manage school lunches, fees, and activities, parents log in to PaySchools Central online and pay with a link to their bank account or a credit or debit card.

It’s simple—but when you dig deeper, you’ll see that it’s also an incredibly powerful and full-featured tool.

Learn more below, then contact us to discuss integrating PaySchools Central into your district’s systems.

Why parents love PaySchools Central

Today’s parents are busier than ever, and PaySchools Central is a timesaver.

Parents log in to our cloud-based system to pay for lunches, fees, activities, and more.

In one transaction, they can manage payments for all their children in your district. And if they have kids in other districts that use PaySchools Central, they can make payments in the same transaction for them, too!

Parents access PaySchools Central with a computer, tablet, or phone. Our mobile app makes on-the-go payments fast and easy.

PaySchools Central is fully English-Spanish bilingual, enhancing its family-friendliness.

Together with QuikLunch, PaySchools Central gives parents control over their children’s meal choices and lunch spending limits. It also lets them view meal activity, add funds to lunch accounts, move funds from one child’s account to another’s, and set up auto-replenish.

Parents can even schedule future payments and manage recurring payments.

PaySchools Central also integrates with many student information systems. If parents are logged in to your SIS, they can also view fees there and click through to make payments via our shopping cart.


If it has to do with payments, my first thought is PaySchools. And I reach out to my PaySchools rep.

– Jason, Assistant Food Service Director


Why administrators love PaySchools Central

When parents make payments online, fees management gets a lot easier for school staff and administrators.

Fewer checks and less cash in the front office means better financial accountability and security. And the lunch line moves faster because parents have prepaid online.

Setting PaySchools Central to automatically send parents receipts, fee deadline reminders, and low lunch-balance alerts saves staff time.

Districts use PaySchools Admin to monitor parent payment activity and create reports. Payments can be routed to as many school ledgers and bank accounts as you need at no extra cost.

And when parents have a way to pay quickly and easily, districts enjoy better cash flow.

Plus PaySchools’ legendary support means you can call and get a live, trained person on the line for technical support whenever you need it.

Did we mention unparalleled support?

For both district staff and parents, PaySchools supports PaySchools Central (and all our other solutions) with live customer service.

That’s right. Actual, personal, human, one-on-one support.

Whenever there’s a technical question or hiccup, our US-based support team can readily be reached—by phone or online—with answers and help. It’s the PaySchools way, and it’s why 96 percent of our customers return year after year.

Take a step toward cash-free

Increasingly, today’s parents don’t carry cash or checks. They prefer the convenience of cash-free.

PaySchools Central lets you move more and more transactions across your district to cash-free or low-cash.

With PaySchools Central, you minimize the risks of cash on school premises. Volunteers and staff no longer have to worry about the liability of cashboxes and drawers.

Cashless transactions are more efficient, safer, and traceable.

Your SIS + our payment portal = better together

PaySchools partners with many student information systems to create a seamless experience for parents.

Our software will integrate with your existing SIS. This means all the fees, payment, and information data syncs, and navigating back and forth from one system to the other is simple and intuitive.

With your SIS and PaySchools Central, you have the best of both worlds: a student information portal your families are comfortable with PLUS secure financial transactions from the most trusted and experienced K-12 payment processors in the business.

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