There are school vending machines, and then there are PaySchools Vending systems.

If you’re looking for a vending program that integrates with student lunch accounts,
allows you to stock machines with your fresh meals and snacks, and enhance revenue, welcome.

Vend smartly. Vend with PaySchools.

Return on investment, anyone?

PaySchools Vending systems offer better ROI. 

Because they’re so well integrated and stocked with fresh food, PaySchools Vending machines tend to increase not only vending revenue but also overall nutrition services revenue.

Vending machines stocked by vending companies eat up profits with their overhead. You can efficiently stock PaySchools vending machines with your existing staff and processes, so you get to keep all that profit.

Machines typically pay for themselves in


years or less

Vending so well integrated, it’s an extension of your cafeteria

Do your current vending machines work with you or separate from you?
PaySchools Vending unifies everything.

  • Machines come with PaySchools software installed, integrating PaySchools Central lunch accounts as well as free-and-reduced meal status.

  • Students can purchase meals and snacks using their lunch accounts or cash.

  • You choose what the machines will stock. They can serve as additional locations to buy cafeteria selections, or they can stock unique menu items.

  • Seamless integration means cafeteria reporting includes vending sales.

Shorter lunch lines, more automation

  • Every PaySchools vending machine is like its own mini-cafeteria. During the hectic lunch hour, this distributes students over multiple locations.

  • Ease bottlenecks in the lunch line while providing students with more choice and convenience.

  • Smart vending automates cashiering and serving, freeing up your staff to be their most effective.

  • Many K-12 nutrition programs struggle to fill positions and retain staff. PaySchools Vending allows you to operate as leanly as possible.

Students like choice and convenience

PaySchools Vending machines put choice and convenience at your students’ fingertips.

  • Stock machines with favorite meals and snacks.

  • Fill different machines with different options if you’d like. A breakfast vending café, perhaps?

  • Students can grab food when it’s convenient for them—including before and after school.

  • Less waiting in the lunch line means more time for friends and savoring.

  • Integrated free-and-reduced meal status means qualified students can choose vending menu items without worrying about confidentiality. They simply enter their pins just like everyone else.