Simply Progressive

Simply Innovative

SPS EZpay® is unique because it was designed as an online payment system specifically for school districts.

Some of SPS EZpay innovations include:

  • Low Lunch balance emails
  • Expandable to meet district needs
  • Payment center for all district revenues, including: activities, boosters, fundraising, adult education, and more
  • Works with lunch point-of-sale and student management systems
  • Eliminates students and staff handling money
  • Convenient for parents
  • USAS integration

Simply Effective

SPS EZpay is designed to work with schools and districts of all sizes. The platform provides an online option for parents to pay for meals, fees, and activities using a credit or debit card. SPS EZpay provides at no additional cost:

  • An 800 number for parent support
  • An 800 number for district support
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • Handbook and parent letters
  • Secure transactions
  • No long-term contract

Simply Integrated

SPS EZpay gives administrators improved auditing capabilities, allows school staff to stay on task, provides parents access and control, and frees students from the responsibility of handling money. SPS EZpay is fully integrated with your current lunch POS system and student management system. Unlike any other national payment services, SPS EZpay is supported by real people: our local staff. We pride ourselves on support features such as:

  • Automated posting to student record
  • Being a visible partner to both school administrators and parents
  • Easy implementation
  • Simple on-site training
  • Fiscal accounting integration (USAS)

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