Manage School Lunch Accounts Online

Funding Lunch Accounts

Keeping your students lunch fund accounts out of the negative can be a real challenge for schools.  We all want our students to get healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals every day.  Unfortunately student’s lunch funds can be the last thing that a parent will think of as they they are getting their family ready for the day.  There are several ways to encourage your parents and guardians to load their student’s lunch fund accounts and keep them informed about what their students are purchasing in the school nutrition department. (PFI) is a secure web-based system which simplifies payment, collection and balancing of funds for school districts.  PayForIt will make funding student lunch accounts easier.  Parents and guardians can view their lunch balances with a mobile app or online.  Parents can also view the nutrition services purchases in most cases.  They can create an auto-replenishment account so that they will never have to worry that there is enough in each lunch fund account.   If they do not want an active auto-replenishment, parents can opt in for balance reminder emails and monthly statements to keep themselves informed and up to date.

We are happy with the PayForIt Online Payment Processing System and believe it will satisfy our needs in the foreseeable future, We are confident PaySchools will support is as we continue to promote online payments and add additional features to our suite of options for our customers. – Roxy, Director of Treasury Services

With QuikLunch, your point of sale system works for you.

QuikLunch was designed to make your cashiers more efficient and process meal transaction more quickly and easily.  QuikLunch works with online payment products including, but not exclusive to, our online payment product called  This cafeteria point of sale was designed by school nutrition departments specifically.  There are several configurations that can assist cashiers like account balances, low balance reminders, nutrition restrictions and payment restrictions by student to name a few.  To ensure that the lines move quickly, QuikLunch will continue to process lunch transactions even when the internet is disconnected.  There are several options you can customize to your particular needs from school to school or for the entire district.

We have found PaySchools to be highly focused on customer service.  Whenever we have an issue, question, or suggestion their response time is second to none.  During our conversion from QSP 3.0 to QSP 4.0, PaySchools helped us from the start of the process to the end, and continues to provide support for its products every day. – Jason, Assistant Food Service Director

PASS: Pay At School System

PASS the Pay At School System provides the ability to collect lunch funds in the central office or in each school for any student from any school.  It is a great alternative to taking payments in the meal service line.  Speed up each transaction and give your students more time to eat and enjoy nutritious and satisfying meals. Fewer district employees have to handle cash and checks to update lunch funds removing the opportunity for misplaced and inaccurate recording of in school payments.

We have found PaySchools to be highly customer service focused. They were attentive during our implementation, and have work closely with us over the past two years as our needs change.  We have appreciated the on‐going partnership we have forged with PaySchools. They will continue to be our go‐to online payment processor, now and in the near future. – Cyndi, Controller

It is challenging enough to get your students to have enough time to eat nutritious meals without having to worry about the funds in their accounts.  There are several product solutions that can help to relieve that  stress.

Every school is unique in the challenges they face in collecting and processing lunch fund payments and transactions.  Let us know how we can help you streamline the process and use the electronic tools available to you from PaySchools.  We can show you how to increase efficiency, accuracy and communication with your cashiers, students, teachers, administrators and parents.
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