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PaySchools is a software development company specializing in integrated payment technology solutions for public and private schools across the US.

PaySchools is positioned to provide Edupoint clients a number of solutions that improve a school’s ability to collect and track payments, including online payments, campus point of sale software, and data collection applications for tracking, reporting, and collecting funds. Our most widely adopted solutions include (PFI), Pay At School Systems (PASS) and QuickLunch.


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PaySchools Product Platforms Streamline Your School Payments
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Give your parents more options with PayForIt & PASS. (PFI) is a secure web-based system, which simplifies payment, collection and balancing of funds for school districts.  An enterprise solution supporting food service, fees, activities, fund raisers, after school programs and registrations, PFI integrates with Edupoint’s Synergy Technology. PFI enables parents to pay fees and fund accounts quickly and easily online.

PASS interfaces seamlessly with, our flagship online-payment solution. With this interaction, any fees or payments made with PASS will automatically be reflected on the parent’s PayForIt account. Fees and payment options can easily be assigned to students, allowing for any student cost or need to be fulfilled with a single transaction.

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Features and Benefits


Wide Integration

PaySchools platforms integrate with Edupoint’s Synergy and with cafeteria point of sale software, financial systems, library systems and PaySchools other products. These integrations give school administrators and personnel much-needed insight into payment management across the district.



All data within PaySchools is encrypted and behind several firewalls, ensuring that sensitive information is secure. This is a much safer and more secure payment management system than relying on paper and spreadsheets.



PaySchools makes the fee management processes easier for both parents and school administrators. The ability to pay online in person electronically, greatly reduces confusion and human error.

Why Choose PaySchools?


The most complete payment solution available by far. Choose the combination of products to fit your district’s specific needs. The PaySchools suite of products is fully integratable into accounting solutions, library fees, lunch payments, ticket sales, and much more.


Our product platforms are scalable to meet the needs of a single school to large districts.  Each product can be configured simply and easily to help steam line the existing processes in your school or district.

Customer Testimonials

“The staff at PaySchools has been great to work with and they are willing to assist in any way possible. We are confident that they will continue to meet the needs of the school district and our families in the future years.”
Janet Grafft, Board Secretary

“PaySchools has been our “go to” electronic payment firm for all District needs.   PaySchools successfully collaborated with our technology department, district bookkeepers from elementary, middle and high schools, finance departments and senior management to design and implement the district’s first online electronic payment system,”
Gregory, District Contracting Officer

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