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Local Level Events

imple and fast online school event ticketing.

Simple, fast online event ticketing.

LocaLevel Events is a one-stop solution for online ticketing, sales and event registration for schools. It gives you all the tools you need to plan and execute a successful school event, from creating and publishing customizable forms in minutes to providing a secure and easy-to-use cashless system. By making your event registration and tracking accessible and efficient, you will set up your school events for success.

LocaLevel simplifies your ticketing process:

  • Fast and easy set up
  • Low setup and product fees, no maintenance or membership fees
  • create customized reserved seating with the option to set custom prices based on seat location
  • Versatile for use with a variety of events including sports games, plays, conferences, fundraisers and more

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Local Level Events:

Increased sales and organized reporting

“LocaLevel’s website helped us increase our sales of athletic passes and reserved seats by 35%. It also eliminated the need to type up my own spreadsheet to track sales. Their online reports are great!”
Brenda, Athletic Secretary

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Features and Benefits


the platform allows you to create ticketing for a wide variety of events so you only need to use LocaLevel, and not several different products. Supports multiple events and activities: athletic events, proms, camps, conferences, AP testing, dances, season passes, field trips, plays, community events, musicals, fundraisers, clinics, summer camps and much more


easily organize ticket sales, attendance and finances with the click of a button. Simple organization: paperless ticketing and online reporting make organization fast and simple

Increased Security

The new QR code scanning feature gives you added security that can be used at the door or gate of your event,

Why Choose Local Level?


LocaLevel helps you to create your event quickly and start selling tickets immediately. The easy-to-use online platform allows you to set multiple price levels and variations. You will get full control of your tickets sales, with features that make organizing your event, selling tickets and tracking registrations easy.


PASS, like our other solutions, can be customized to the needs of the school district. It can be run as a centralized database, or as individual sites. It can run up to two lines on the same terminal. Important items and records are easily displayed and searchable, and your items can be represented by words or by images. With PASS, you get an ideal solution for face-to-face payment that also works with our other solutions to provide a comprehensive payment option.

Customer Testimonials

Seamless communication with parents

“We first used Local Level for our freshman orientation program. It was seamless! We were able to easily communicate with our families about how to register for the event. Parents felt it was a convenient process and our secretaries love it! We are now using it for the purchase of our Homecoming dance tickets. We will always use this service!”
Mindy, Principal

Convenient solution that provides security

“What they do has definitely made a difference to the theatre program at Darby High School. We no longer worry about our financial security or about issues with processing money. That alone has taken an enormous weight off our shoulders, allowing us to do what we SHOULD be doing—working with talented young people to create good theatre.”
Brian, Theater Director

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