Click here to see our new QuikApps Verification User Manual is now available for you to use. Disclosure category options are now configurable under Admin New → Site Setup → Disclosure Categories to support non-QuikApps users.

QuikApps Menu
The QuikApps menu was modified to match the original tab layout but in an easy to use format. A new menu item, Pending Approval, has been added and the Direct Cert Import has been enhanced.

The user has the option to filter QuikApps letters on All/Active/Inactive students after clicking the Show/Hide Filter button.

Pending Approval
The Pending Approval menu displays applications if the district has set the Application Review Mode to “Allow Pending approval for Categorical Other Only” or “Allow Pending Approval for All Portal Applications”. Additional information coming soon in the Pending Applications Process document in PaySchools University on the Home page.

Direct Cert Import
Choose Free or Reduced
Added ability to select Meal Status for the Direct Certification. This value should only be changed to Reduced if you are importing Medicaid Reduced Direct Certifications. This field will only show if you have selected the Allow Reduced Categorical Direct Cert option.

Disclosure Category Opt-In Options
The Disclosure Category Opt-In Option now defaults to DO NOT OPT-IN to disclosure categories.

The Settings → Miscellaneous menu has been redesigned and contains the new options highlighted below. To save your changes, be sure to complete Step 1 and 2 and click Save.

CEP Status Change Delay
This setting controls the delay for Adverse Action on CEP schools. The user can set the AA Delay from 10 to 30 days. This setting is used for students moving from a CEP school to a non-CEP school.

LEA Contact
This setting should contain the name, address, and phone number of the LEA. Currently, it is only used on the email sent to parents when a pending application is sent back to the parent for correction. Additional information coming soon in the Pending Applications Process document in PaySchools University on the Home page.

Application Options
Portal Application Review Mode
The Application Review Mode now has three options:

No Pending And All Portal Applications Approved As Entered – no change from prior years
Allow Pending Approval For Categorical Other Only
Allow Pending Approval For All Portal Applications

Additional information coming soon in the Pending Application Process document in PaySchools University on the Home page.

Direct Certification Options
Allow Reduced Categorical Direct Cert
This option allows the user to import reduced Direct Certification students.

Auto Extend DC
Added option to extend categorical benefits to family members when FORMAT Tasks (QuikApps Tasks) is run.

Display Meal Status as /DC in Patron View
Adds /DC on the Meal Status tab in Patron View for both Free or Reduced Direct Certified students when the meal status is determined by a Direct Certification.

Disclosure Category Use Opt-In
This option controls how the Disclosure Category screen operates. When defining Disclosure Categories, if the description indicates that the parent is opting in through the disclosure, then this option should be set to Opt-In. If the description indicates that the parent is opting out of the disclosure category, this option should be set to Opt-Out.

Disclosure Category Text
The text contained here is used on the Disclosure Choices screen accessible through the Parent Portal.

Categorical entries for 2017 will be copied over to 2018.

Admin Only option has been added to each category. Checking this option will make the category available only to an administrator. A parent will not be presented with this option.

The RCCI (Residential Child Care Institute, Institutionalized) option has been added as Admin Only for use on the manual entry Direct Certification screens.

QuikApps Parent Portal
The Parent Portal has several modifications required by USDA Regulations and to improve usability. Some examples are:

The user will no longer be prompted for a Social Security number if they have a Categorical application.
Head Start/Even Start option has been removed.
All Foster applications do not prompt for income.
The user is asked to confirm that the people listed on the application are in the user’s household and that all family income has been listed.

Additional information available in the QuikApps Parent Portal Guide available in PaySchools University on the Home page.

Portal Permissions
Portal permissions now separate Disclosure Categories and the QuikApps application (Free/Reduced Application) to allow a portal user to complete Disclosure Categories without a QuikApps license. .

When the Disclosure Categories permission is enabled, the user will see the new Disclosure Category button in the portal.


Under Patron, a new report, Low Balance Letters Sent, displays the student, their balance, and credit limit by date range for the Low Balance Letter alerts (LB1, LB2, LB3)

Under Sales Reports, the Daily Sales report now has the option to filter by multiple cashiers, schools, and terminals.

Forms Notification
Forms Notification allows an administrator to set up a notification based on data changes on a specific form. The notification can be sent to a user or role, either immediately (ASAP) or in a summary at the end of the day, containing all changes for that day (Nightly)

Report Builder
Administrators will have the ability to create reports based on existing forms or reports, or create a new report by selecting a group of questions. The reports can be generated as PDF or CSV and saved for future use. Reports will have the option to filter by date range, program status, name, school, grade, and more.

Admin New
Site Set Up
Under School → Edit, a school can be marked as CEP by selecting the CEP checkbox. Students transferring from a CEP school to a non-CEP school will maintain a Free meal status. If the transfer occurs during the carryover period, the Free status will remain in effect until the carryover cutoff date. If the student transfers after the carryover cutoff date, they will be given a grace period based on the CEP Change Delay setting. (See CEP Status Change Delay under QuikApps → Miscellaneous in this document).

Patron View
The Added Disclosure History to the History tab in Patron View to show the Disclosure Category Opt-In history.

The As of Application Statistics report now includes the Added Principal Approved counts to report.

The Unsigned Applications report has been enhanced to include the Reason for an unsigned application: Unsigned and Pending, Unsigned Only, and Pending Only.
The Direct Certified Students report can be run for the school year or by an As of Date. Additionally, results can now be grouped by school, grade, or homeroom.

The Disclosure Choices report no longer requires QuikApps to be licensed.

The Application Verification Status report has a new column, Reason. This column indicates the reason for a status change which can be Income or Categorical.