Welcome to the Orange Apron Club

grab an apron. we’re just getting started.

The Orange Apron Club is a free networking and professional development group especially for K-12 food-service professionals, influencers, and thought leaders.

The mission is to provide fun and innovative opportunities locally, regionally, and nationally for community get-togethers, conversation, problem-solving, and learning.

The ingredients: Events. Meet-ups. Webinars. Giveaways. Fun.

what’s included

Membership in the Orange Apron Club is complimentary, as are all events.

And there is no obligation to PaySchools.

The concept is still new and developing, but the plan is to create events, webinars, and meet-ups for K-12 food service directors and staff to facilitate:

•  networking
•  professional development
•  education
•  idea-sharing
•  resource-sharing
•  inspiration
•  socializing
•  fun





The Orange Apron Club was founded in Colorado in 2019 by PaySchools, a national leader in K-12 nutrition-services software.

As an inventive technology and service provider, we work closely with school districts across the country. Food service directors are our people. We saw an opportunity to connect them with each other in creative ways and provide a new and inspiring platform for collaboration.

And that’s how the Orange Apron Club was born.

share your ideas

We want to hear your thoughts for future Orange Apron Club events, webinar topics, and meet-ups. Anything of interest to food service directors and staff is on the table.

Tell us your biggest ideas and challenges. We’ll organize the event.

The next Orange Apron Club event will be posted soon!


Check out our most recent event!

The Orange Apron Club Marketing Event was held on October, 26th at the Ignite Kitchen in Denver, Colorado! PaySchools, Healthe-Pro, and Ignite came together to bring professional development, school nutrition marketing tips, networking, and fun to the school districts in Colorado! You asked for ideas on communicating your nutrition-services program to your school community, so we convened a panel of experts to share their knowledge.

Stay tuned for 2020 Orange Apron Events in your area! Let us know if you would like us to host an orange apron event in your area. 



Flip through our gallery of photos from previous Orange Apron Club events!