Welcome to the Pre-Order ToolKit

Let’s get started!

Congratulations! Your district is using PaySchools Pre-Order which lets families make meal selections and pay in advance, saving your staff time and improving student social-distancing safety.

You may be wondering how you can effectively and appropriately deploy this solution in your schools. PaySchools is here to help.

Below you will find step by step instructions, along with guides, and flyers that will enhance your district’s PreOrder implementation and provide a seamless transition for your district administrators, and for the parents of students in your district.


Communicate with Parents

Let parents know that your district is using Pre-Order. That can be done using the following resources:

Introduction Letter
Customize this letter with your district information and send to all the parents in your district.

PaySchools has created these guides to help walk parents through the basics of how to use Pre-Order, as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Pre-Order Information Flyer
Download and customize this handout piece, which can be used at back to school open houses or as a general communication that can be sent to parents.


Need Assistance?

If you need help promoting Pre-Order in your district reach out! We have trained professionals here to help you spread the word about Pre-Order and want to help get the parents in your district excited about the ease of Pre-Order through PaySchools Central!