Upgrade to PaySchools Central

PaySchools Central makes school payments quick and simple. By giving power back to parents, PaySchools Central makes the payment process easy to sign up for and easy to use. Parents never have to worry about their children running out of lunch money and they have greater control over how and when to pay.

Key Features:

  • You'll drop from a 4.25% to a 3.5% transaction fee (3.5% is a promotional rate for a limited time)
  • Schedule payments and set up auto-replenishment so your child’s school lunch balance never runs out.
  • Allows you to choose if your district, your parents, or any combination of the two pay the fee
  • Mobile apps have been proven to drive revenue to schools
  • Lunch and fee accounts are separated by school
  • Unlimited admin user logins with robust reporting features

Watch the PaySchools Legacy to PaySchools Central Webinar

Learn how PaySchools Central can help increase efficiency and save your district time and money.

Make reporting stress-free

PaySchools Central offers a robust system for gathering, analyzing, and reporting data.

All required state and federal reports are set up in the system, as well as daily sales reports and individual transaction breakdowns. Our reports adhere to the latest USDA guidelines and regulations.

Run reports for meal-planning and finance use internally. The centralized, cloud-based database is accessible from any facility locations you choose.

Personalized support, at your service

Every PaySchools district is assigned to a support team member who is available to help them set up and manage their software.

That’s right. Actual, personal, human, one-on-one support.

That’s a rarity in today’s apps and big-software world, but it’s how we at PaySchools still do things. Person-to-person. 

Advantages for your district

PaySchools is a cloud-based platform your schools can license with no long-term commitment.

Not only is it affordable, it’s so efficient it more than earns its keep in staff time saved.

You and your team will receive fewer phone calls because the system gives parents greater control for payment options, meal restrictions, site navigation, and password recovery. A Help Portal assists users with issues, and fees are grouped by category to give you greater control.

Access to Entire K-12 Software Suite

Upgrading to PaySchools Central gives your district access to a variety of innovative K-12 software modules that enhance your ability to collect, track, and manage payments in a variety of areas including: Nutrition Services, School Athletics, Ticketing and Events.