School Programs

School Programs provides the ability to manage programs that are event (attendance) driven such as Transportation, Summer Camps, and Child Care.


  • Interfaces to student information systems,
    allowing up to date student information,with no assistance
    from the user.
  • Updates automatically, at scheduled times, or
    at user discretion
  • Sends data to Hub (Central Reporting) unattended
  • Give you notes about individual students at a glance

  • Run as a centralized database or as individual sites
  • Run stand alone or in a network environment
  • Ability to run two lines per terminal
  • Items always show on screen
  • Images as well as text can be buttons on the screen

  • Transportation functionality includes integration with 3rd party transportation software such as Zonar and Every Day Solutions to convert ride occurrences into billing activity.
  • Child Care, and Summer Camp, functionality includes the ability to track and bill attendance.