PaySchools is much more than a K-12 payment software company. We partner with the districts we serve to help them exceed their goals.


We also believe in giving back. Trays Across America is our new initiative to support school nutrition programs nationwide. Together we can tackle the lunch-debt crisis. Together we can feed every child.

Watch Our K·12 Lunch·Debt Funding Stack Up!

2020 Goal: $1,000,000

PaySchools is working with HundredX to help us expand Trays Across America in a BIG WAY.


HundredX and its program Express Feedback for Good™ are helping participating school districts earn up to $1 million dollars to eliminate lunch debt with the possibility to earn from: $25,000 – $100,000 + per district.

Here’s how it works:

District personnel interested in participating in the Express Feedback for Good™ program should complete the application that can be accessed by clicking the button below*:

Once the district completes the application,  HundredX will reach out to you to discuss the logistics of implementing this program.

Parent Participation

Once a program is launched within a district. Parents and guardians are notified of the program by the district and may choose to register.  Upon registration, HundredX takes it from there! All district supporters have to do is provide quick feedback on brands they know well. Each piece of feedback (which takes about a minute) generates $2. A single supporter can create up to $150 in one month!

It’s simple and lucrative. In no time and with very little effort, your district’s lunch program can receive tens of thousands of dollars.



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PaySchools QuikApps:

Because QuikApps makes applying for free-and-reduced meals simpler, more parents apply, and more qualified parents means less lunch debt. And now QuikApps is supporting Trays Across America. It’s a win-win-win!