The school year is in full swing, and that means your school district and its students have full schedules. From sports to art shows, and fundraisers to the homecoming dance, there are so many events that it can be tough to keep track of them – let alone keep track of all the tickets and payments.

Enter Local Level Events, the one-stop solution for online ticketing, sales and event registration, made to meet the needs of schools. We have listened to your requests and made some great updates for this school year that make it easier than ever to set up and manage your events.

Local Level Events has always simplified event setup and ticket sales with its intuitive, step-by-step interface that allows you to customize any event with text, imagery, and form fields, or even collect donations or sell merchandise. Now we’ve taken it even further with these exciting new features:

  • Revamped user experience improves the event creation flow, so the process is simple for staff, administrators, volunteer and community members
  • It’s now easier to navigate and switch between reporting and event editing screens
  • Event creators can assign unique images to each ticket type, so it’s easy to tell them apart on-screen or on the physical ticket
  • Customers can add an event to their calendar once they’ve purchased tickets
  • Custom, interactive seat mapping feature allows users to select specific seats

All the new features are great upgrades, but the custom seat mapping feature makes Local Level Events even more versatile and essential. Now that event creators can create a seat map with individual seats for their events, even more event opportunities are available – theater performances, reserved seating ad games, and more! Custom pricing can even be assigned based on customer seat selection, allowing for tiered pricing depending on location.

Combined with Local Level Events’ other powerful features, these new upgrades make the platform an essential tool for a successful school year. Our customers have seen incredible increases in ticket sales and event attendance, along with an ease of management that allows them to focus on their students rather than on managing a cash box.

Here are just a few of the features your school or district will have access to with Local Level Events:

  • Versatile platform can be customized for any school event
  • Secure online payment and data collection
  • Automated event update and confirmation emails can be sent to customers directly from the platform
  • Utilizes unique QR codes to scan tickets and track attendance
  • Designate reserved seating and set ticketing limits to avoid overselling
  • Real-time, comprehensive event reporting can be accesses 24/7, or exported to Excel for easy filtering and sorting
  • Complementary access to expert event consultants
  • Customize pricing to include discounts, or choose flexible pricing for donation-based events or fundraisers

There’s much more to explore with Local Level Events, and we would love to give you a tour! Contact us today to request a free demo.